OpenVpn 2.0 RC1 problem

  • I have installed OpenVpn (road warrior) at pfsense 2.0 RC1 and my client connects successfully but cannot ping anything. I have the following configuration:

    WAN:  xx.xx.xx.xx with PPPoE from ISP.
    OPT1: static xx.xx.xx.xx with PPPoE from ISP.

    OpenVpn listen to OPT1.
    Internal Network:
    Virtual Network:

    My client connects and gets ip address but cannot ping nothing inside the network.
    The configuration created also with the wizard and the rules to OVPN and OPT1 interface created by pfsense.

    ??? ??? ???

    Thank you in advance for your answers…

  • My version is RC2 and not RC1 as I mentioned…

  • Solved !

    Upgraded to the latest RC2 snapshop (about 10 days difference) and it' s ok !

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