PfSense is blocking outbound Trixbox (SIP) ports

  • Setting up a Trixbox ( (like Asterisk or FreePBX) for VoIP on our network today.  During the setup there is a diagnostic test that tests your outbound ports.  It requires the following outbound ports on the network to be open

    UDP 5060
    UDP 10278
    UDP 15335
    UDP 4569
    TCP 6600
    TCP 5222

    The diagnostic is saying that all ports are blocked.

    Looking in pfSense at the Firewall > Rules > LAN section, it is wide open.  No restrictions:

    Proto	Source	Port            Destination	Port	Gateway	Schedule	Description	
    *                      LAN net	 *	                *	*	        *	  	 LAN > Anywhere 	

    That's the only rule.  That means everything is wide open right?  To my understanding that means there is nothing blocking any outbound ports.

    Also on the trixbox itself the firewall is completely disabled.

    Any idea where I should be looking to diagnose this?

  • Everything is wide open from inside to outside. there reads "LAN net" as an source.
    You might want to add alias for those ports
    and then create wan rule which allows:

    proto: tcp/udp
    Source port: *
    Source: *
    Destination port: your alias
    Destination: LAN NET (or more preferably: voip alias)

  • Jakobud,

    I think you need to create a Manual Outbound NAT (AON) rule for the trixbox to work properly. Just set it to AON and create a rule for the IP address of your trixbox and set port to static "YES" and it should work. At least it has worked fine for me several times.