Incredimail not connnecting sometimes

  • hi,

    i am facing a problem my clients not able to use incredimail properly, it is inpredictable, some times it works sometimes it doesnt, is it someting to do with the firewall or what?

    help is highly apreciated


  • We will need more information to help. I.E. what ports does it use? How is your pfSense configured? How is your network configured in relation to the pfSEnse and the users?

  • You might just hit an unreliable mailserver? Try against the mailserver when this condition occurs or try using an other mailclient/mailserver just to see if it's the same with these.

  • My experience with Incredimail is that it contains spyware, so that might be part of the problem.  Snort may pickup on that.  I don't recommend that people keep that program on their computer.
    I would use Thunderbird from as your email client.

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