SFTP not being allowed on on certain interfaces

  • Hi,

    We have a pfsense box running 1.2.3 in our Office. The Problem is as follow , I think the Fw may be dropping sftp Traffic on one of our interfaces even though it is allowed on the rule base.


    We have an SFTP server that sits in our datacenter also protested by a Pfsense Firewall we connect out across the internet to connect to DC from the office  , no VPN.

    At our office location we have multiple interfaces/networks that connect to our Office Pfsense Fw. Two of these are called Staff and IT.

    From the It Subnet we can access the SFTP Server no problem….. but from the Staff Subnet we cannot even though rules exist to permit this action.

    In the past year to fix this issue we would toggle the "Disable the userland FTP-Proxy application" on the Staff interface and the problem seems fixed.

    However this action no longer seems to fix the problem and also more worryingly if enable the feature on the interface it seems to crash the FW and a reboot is required.

    My questions are ,

    1. Anyone know how to fix this

    2. Is there any log files that may point to the source or cause of issue



  • anyone have any ideas ???

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