Access webconsole w/ pfsense configured as access point

  • I'm unable to access the web interface after setting up pfsense as an access point. Currently, I have the wifi interface bridged to the lan, and the lan interface set statically at The lan interface is hooked up to a m0n0wall router with an ip of I'm able to connect via wifi from a test laptop & see all the computers over the network, and the gateway on the laptop shows as (the m0n0wall router) when i run ipconfig.

    When I try to access the web interface by going to or even ping it, there's no reply.

    How do I make it so that I can access the web interface remotely (from wifi)?


  • What is the IP address of the laptop?

    What does laptop shell command tracert show?

  • The IP of the laptop is A tracert shows this:

  • Sorry, typo: I meant to ask: What does laptop shell command tracert show? (How to get from the laptop to pfSense.)

  • It shows the same thing as the screenshot above, just with .253 at the end instead of .254. I just rebooted the AP again and now the webconsole is accessible  ???

    Thanks for the help & I'll update this thread if it becomes inaccessible again!

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