Bug in System logging?

  • Hello I have been notice that my pfsense v1.01 box stop with logging System logs entries every 14 days. When I reboot the machine the logging works fine again.

    The firewall log stopped the same day and allmost the same time (Feb 10 12:42:09) as the latest system log:

    Last 1000 system log entries
    Feb 10 12:44:29    kernel: pflog0: promiscuous mode disabled

    Last 1000 OpenNTPD log entries
    Jan 27 02:05:05    ntpd[593]: Terminating
    Jan 27 02:05:05    ntpd[593]: dispatch_imsg in main: pipe closed

    Does someone know more about this? Thanks.

  • Try upgrading to the latest releng snapshot please.

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