Generating voucher keys

  • Hi guys can someone give an tutorial haw to generate voucher keys, i ve folowed guide from this link : , but as total noob I am missing something.

  • Are you missing how to see the vouchers? If not, please give some more details of what you are looking for.

    Once vouchers are generated a file containing a "roll" of vouchers can be uploaded from pfSense by going to Services -> _Captive Porta_l, click on the Vouchers tab then click on the appropriate blue disc to the right of the Voucher Rolls section, one disc for each roll. The vouchers come in a .csv file which can then be used in a Mail Merge (or similar) in a word processor. I have an OpenOffice file I use to print 4 columns of 8 vouchers each on a single A4 sheet.

  • Sry, my bad I was using IE8 and on it doesnt show small blue cyrcl on the right of the voucher roll table.