(solved) dual wan ppoe client in 2.0

  • actually i have upgrade my pf dual wan with load balancer from 1.2.2 to 2.0 with no problem at all  :D (thanks to pf sense developer)

    but since 2.0 has more than one PPPoE client on WANs, i tried to make both WANs to be PPPoE client with bridged adsl modems. both PPPoE status up. but no more internet connection on LAN.

    is there any sample for setting the Nat, Rules, Routing on 2.0 pf with 2 Wans PPPoE client balanced ?

    1. on Nat:

    what should I write on destination NAT each interface ? I cannot use any. both my static public IPs are  118.***.***.***, so i choose network and fill, and translation : interface address.

    is it right ???

    2. on rule:
    I choose PPPoe Client for Destination, and gateway : default.

    is it right  ???

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Using two PPPoE WANs in 2.0 is no different than using any two WANs. They cannot both be in the same subnet with the same gateway.

  • i can see my problem now. Both my Wans from the same ISP, ofcourse they use the same subnet.  :(

    I will never try it again, and set my modems as PPPoE and my WANs' gateways :-X

    Thank you Jimp….

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