Traffic problem

  • This is my scenario of hotspot in my company network:

    ppoe                  10.180.1.x/24 
    internet–----adsl router + -------lan-------local users (company PC-s)

    wan                                    vlan1 192.168.1.x/24     
                                      +---------------------pfSense(hotspot gateway)--------------------wireles client (PC)

    I am using Captive portal on vlan1 for auth. wireless clients, but the problem is that I can ping local users on subnet 10.180.1.x/24 from wireless client on subnet 192.168.1.x/24 and I don want that. I just want that wireless client have access to the internet over captive portal on pfsense (hotspot gateway).
    Any suggestion pls?

  • Suggestion: add a firewall rule (as near the top of the list as appropriate) for interface vlan1 to block (or reject) all access from vlan1 net to Then go to Diagnostics -> States, click on Reset states tab read the explanation and click on the Reset button.

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