Srv web in DMZ to local domain

  • hi,

    i have a pfsese 1.2.3 with

    • sys0: lan
    • sys1: wan ip (a.a.a.a)
    • sys2: dmz

    I've added  another public ip (a.a.a.b) on WAN by setup a new CARP address in firewall/Virtual IP.

    So I've added nat and firewall rules to

    • access to my web server in dmz by external ip a.a.a.a/a.a.a.b
    • access to web for my web server.
    • deny access from dmz to lan


    • If my web server go to a external web site (like google) it works fine.
    • If my web server go to local web site (my domain1 on a.a.a.a or my domain2 on a.a.a.a ) the request doesn't work.

    Have you any suggestion?

    thank you

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