OpenVPN subnet routed to a vlan?

  • I have the VLAN setup on my cisco switch.  VLAN and interface added to pfsense.  Rule setup for allow traffic to and from the vlan to my main lan.  I can ping the pfsense vlan interface from my LAN

    Question:  I'd like to access this vlan throug vpn as well.  I noticed when i left the offices yesterday I couldnt ping it.  Does it require a rule?  OVPN doesnt have an interface.

    Any ideas?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You probably aren't pushing a route to the VLAN subnet to the OpenVPN clients (or in the case of a static key setup, the client isn't routing the subnet over the VPN).

    You may also need firewall rules on the OpenVPN interface if you're on 2.0, depending on what your existing rules allow.

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