Pfctl vs. ipfw also where is the DMZ?

  • So If I underdtand this correctly …..  pfctl now handles the showing of firewall rules and ipfw is what I should use to add any new rules at the command line?

    Is there a place in the GUI for a DMZ of is this done via the command line?  If so can anyone give me the ipfw commands to add one?  maybe a virtual IP DMZ


  • everything is handled by pf and through the gui. There are different ways how to create a dmz. Use for an example. It's similiar with pfSense.

  • Thanks hobba I have been getting lots of good info from your posts all over the forum.

    Is it safe to say that since pf is based on m0n0 that if I read the entire m0m0 handbook (your link) it would be mostly helpful?

  • Lots of things are similiar at the frontend though the backend handles them different (like different filter mechanisms). That's why some of the options shown when editing a firewallrule are different for example. However the "basic concept" is pretty similiar, at least when talking about basic NAT and firewallrules.