How to setup pf box to use proxy

  • hi,

    my isp just configured his server so all subscribers must set their proxy in their browsers, now my clients cant browser even if they do that, so i must do it some how in pfsense bo i guess.  i can ping the public dns form pfbox, but i cant connect to install package to my pf box, my setting is simple:

    dsl router > pf box with dhcp client running on wan > running dhcp server on lan so clients get their ip and authenticate against captive portal.

    i tried bridging lan with wan on pf box, but that didnt help.

    can any  one help me please

    thank you

  • This should only affect the pfsense (it won't be able to install packages and so on) but your clients should be fine if they use the proxy in their settings. Other option would probably to install the squid package and configure the provider proxy as upstream proxy for squid. This way it should be handled "transparently" for your users if configured in transparent mode.

  • hi

    i tried the method of installing squid and put the isp proxy in the upstream, and the the user name and password issud to my by the isp to access the net, started to appear to clients connected to the pfbox