• Hey guys,

    This is my first time working with a non-commercial router, and it looks awesome!  I do need a little help though, before I can actually put it to use.  (i've searched the forum and could not find a direct answer)

    Could someone please tell me how I can set up the following:

    I am aware of how to setup Port forwarding, however I need to setup a rule that will allow any PC behind the router to open a port to, let's say, MSN Messenger, on demand (let's use port 1863 as an example), as opposed to permanently opening a port, or port forwarding to a single specific PC.  (This is currently known as 'port triggering' with my commercial router.)

    I would greatly appreciate any help… a detailed example would be most welcomed.

    Thanks!!  ;D

  • use upnp on the pfsense server

  • I was wondering the same thing, and after reading the reply, I did download the upnp package… but unfortunately I've got alot more entries to add than it can handle.

    Any plans to include a full 'Trigger Port' page to the project?

    Thanks  ;)

  • What do you mean with entries to add? Do you want to restrict upnp usage to a few (or in your case) lots of programs only? Restriction is optional.

  • Well, I have about 34 ports I need triggered and about 20 pc's, and only the 4 entries to work with.  I guess I can use port ranges if I have to, but I'd rather only specify only the ports needed.  Also… do I need to put a Firewall rule for each of these entries?  If so, all the more reason why I'd rather not use unnecessary ranges.


  • how about this. I use EchoLink (HAM radio Voip Thing) i need to trigger ports 5198 5199 UDP but i dont want to open them, two computers on the lan use them. I would rather trigger then have a hole.