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  • Hi All
    I'm just trying to clarify something. Say my pfsense firewall has two interfaces public address is and private address is
    When I am creating a firewall rule, an option under source is lan address. Does lan address mean the interface address or does it mean an address say connected to the lan interface?

  • Rebel Alliance

    In your case LAN address =

    For it must be "LAN Subnet" ( if you have an /24 )

    Maybe if you explain what are trying to do ( some screenshot of the rules tab ), is easy to help / answer with your question.

    Also you can take a look to the docs.

  • Sure, I have a non-standard setup. I'm trying to replace sonicwall with pfsense :D (Some of my friends would be upset) but I do believe pfsense is more powerful. Please look at my little layout below.
    65.x.x.x  pfsense ===> (Router) ====> users
              (WAN)    (LAN)

    I'm trying to access the pfsense webconfigurator which has as it's lan address from (users) and cannot. I figured the anti-lockoout rule would take care of this since that allows traffic from anywhere on ports 22, 80 and 443 to "lan address" I can ping (pfsense) from I can ping from the pfsense box but I just cannot access the webconfigurator. I'm stumped.

  • All is good, I got it working. Thanks anyway.

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