Rule is not applying block on specific network desitnation(HELP)

  • HELLO ,

    This post is related to former post i posted that i thought using NOT in rule is not applied well, i discoverer that only one network destination i can't enforce block.

    I have have network layout as shown in attached diagram i trying to deny access to one network destination right after the firewall external leg with no success.
    I did some trouble shooting with disable all allow rule and eventually only then i cant access require block destination network and all others.
    In other hand blocking other internal networks works correctly ,also  i did explicitly rule deny only one host destination before allow but still  no result.

    I am helpless
    Please  advice

    Thanks all.

  • I managed to make it work trough  Floating Rule didn't choose any interface and i get HAVP error that server not responding page
    so i guess its related to HAVP , BTW i forgot to mention i got HAVP installed is there a way to  make it work on LAN rule based.

  • So finally i removed HAVP package ,i was working in HAVP transparent mode that where causing rule not to be apply correctly on that specific network destination.