Firewall working intermittently on Bridged interface

  • Hello,

    This is my configuration:

    • WAN - DHCP
    • LAN -
    • OPT1 - Wireless AP 802.1x
      LAN interface and the OPT1 interface are bridged together.  When a wireless laptop connect to the AP, it will get an IP address in the LAN subnet.

    The LAN interface have a firewall rule that block port 80 at night.  When I try to access the internet at night using the OPT1 interface, sometime it work and sometime it block port 80.  What I mean by this is that the OPT1 interface doesn't pass port 80 traffic all time time.  I can browse the internet and suddenly I have no internet access anymore.  I can wait a while (a few minutes to hours) and suddenly I can browse the internet again.  HTTPS still work even when HTTP doesn't.

    Does anyone see any problem with my firewall rules? I think this is a bug in pfsense.

    Edit: pfsense version: 2.0-RC3 (i386) built on Wed Jun 29 20:49:28 EDT 2011, no extra package install

    Below are some screen captures of my configurations.


  • That has to do with how if_bridge and pfil function, sometimes rules from LAN can apply in your scenario rather than OPT1 rules, and vice versa. To make sure it's consistent you assign the LAN to bridge0 rather than the physical interface, or just configure your OPT1 rules the same as your LAN rules.