Allow Captive Portal Users to be Directed to Different Interfaces

  • Can a user get a captive portal login and then be directed to a different outbound interface based on their login.  One interface would be internet only and another would be more restrictive for certain authorized users.

  • As far as I know it isn't.b

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Not likely, as they already have an IP and such by the time they get logged in. You could do bandwidth restrictions for portal users from RADIUS, but that wouldn't affect which WAN they use.

    If the users you want to use another WAN are more tech-savvy, you could setup something like an OpenVPN server on the LAN, and they can connect up to OpenVPN and route their traffic out that way, and you could use the firewall rules on the OpenVPN connection to policy route their traffic out the other WAN. That may be too complex, though it would work.

  • Presently not.
    It could be achievable through some tricks but i am not interested for the moment.

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