Blocking webgui access from wlan to wlan access point

  • Hi,

    I thought I cound block access from my wlan to my wlan access point by just adding a rule. Right… The access from wlan to the wlan AP does not go through the firewall. Really big embarrasing fail.

    So, does anybody have a suggestion on how to achieve this? Putting the AP on a different subnet does't sound as it should work, or? Even if it would work, one could set a static IP on a laptop and connect to the AP anyway...

    Setup as follows:
    pfSense box has a dedicated NIC for WLAN
    Access point with IP within the WLAN subnet connected to the pfSense WLAN NIC
    Random laptop connecting through the WLAN AP, getting its IP from the pfSense DHCP.

    Any ideas?


  • Hi,

    I don't think you can block it via PFSense because like you say that mechanism to log into the access point operates outside of the boundaries of the firewall (the wireless devices connect to the access point directly).

    I am currently using a WRT54GL router as an access point and in the menu of that there is an option to block GUI access via the wireless interface so that you can only administer it through a wired connection, does your access point not have such an option?

    I hope that helps.


  • Hi,

    I recently changed to a (actuallt two) DAP-1360, but I can't find any option for limiting GUI access.


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