DMZ has no outbound traffic

  • I've tried following this topic :,7693.0.html and got nowhere. I have 3 NICs (WAN (cable modem), LAN (DHCP - Going to Router), DMZ (Opt1 - DHCP - Going to a server). The LAN interface works perfectly, and can ping the firewall, and works with outbound traffic. I originally had the server on here until I got a crossover cable. Finally got the crossover cable, got the DHCP setup, the server receives an IP of (Static IP for firewall should be but the server says it's getting an IP from (which it can ping)). My LAN's IPs are 10.0.0.X, while the DMZ one is 10.1.0.X.

    I've tried WITH a crossover cable and WITHOUT, same results (not sure why a regular cable works), it's going from the firewalls NIC to my servers NIC.

    Here's the screenshots of the settings I have right now. Also I went into diagnostics on the firewall and WAS ABLE to ping the server.

    DHCP-Orange -

    Firewall Rules - Orange -

    Firewall Rules - WAN -

    Orange Interface -

    I was going to PAY for support, but $500 is way out of my range.

  • Did you try bridging LAN?

  • Oh, And check the logs. It might say something.

  • Alright, I fixed the problem. The other issue being I can't make it DMZ, and when I attempt to connect to the web server (via port 80 from LAN) it won't work.

    Example : Attempt to visit the servers web page (port 80) but it won't work - But people outside (WAN) CAN get to it. When I try to ping from Orange to LAN it rejects it, but I couldn't fix that even though I set everything to allow.

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