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  • I had noticed today, when a friend of mine had come over to use the internet and hang out, the captive portal never showed him as logged in on the captive portal status page.  The page is completely empty.  I am a bit confused by this discovery as to why it is not showing up.  I am using captive portal with a transparent squid proxy/HAVP.

    EDIT: As far as what I am running, see below in my footer.

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    Was he actually presented with a portal login page?

  • Yeah he was.  He logged in, everything worked alright (browsing the web, downloading updates, etc.).  Went to lunch and he timed out for the 30 min idle period, so he was forced to login.  Everything on the captive portal portion was working correctly, just never showed him logged in on either the captive portal [Status > Captive Poral] or the dashboard.
    Would having squid in transparency mode affect this at all?

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    It shouldn't affect that, iirc, but you can disable it (or just turn off transparent mode) as a test.

    Something should show up in the CP DB while they're online. You might also want to make sure you're on a current snapshot.

  • same here …
    since upgrade from official RC1 to RC3 then latest RC3 snapshot (4 july)
    captive portal status on dashboard wont showed user loged on as before

    i have check on captive portal page there is no change setting, just like before
    i see this prob, maybe, cause of menu Pass-through MAC Auto Entry ...
    if unchecked there a few second must re authenticate ...
    if checked there auto log in if there user has login before, thats not what i need

    some new feature or what ...
    or do i need clean install (again) and upload backup from RC3 official, that i have keep before
    thank for responding ...

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    since upgrade from official RC1 to RC3 then latest RC3 snapshot (4 july)

    July 4 is not the latest. See,38687.0.html

  • Ups …
    wrong typo  :) ... i mean 14 July

    thanks …

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    Looks like July 4 in the image. Still needs updated.

  • When I was running the July 4th (before the snapshot location changed) I had the problems outlined above.  As of yesterdays (2.0-RC3 (i386) built on Wed Jul 13 18:38:42 EDT 2011) build, the user is now showing up.

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