If group rules not being processed (+possibly a clue why not)

  • The following applies to 2.0-RC3 / snapshot of Thu Jul 14 01:23:35 EDT 2011

    While trying to figure out why rules for an interface group were not being processed, I noticed that when deleting an interface group in pfsense, it seems that ifconfig is not being told of the change, or only incompletely, or something else (see third para).

    Either way, when a group with the same name is subsequently re-created, ifconfig barfs with a "SIOCAIFGROUP: File exists" (so an entry by "php: /interfaces_groups_edit.php:" in the syslog, but pfsense behaves as if everything were fine).

    If, from a shell, I manually try to manipulate the supposedly existent group, eg by adding an interface to it, ifconfig tells me 'ifconfig: <grpname>: bad value'.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? I suppose that if this were a bug report, the report would read: "interface group rules are not processed for groups that have the same name as a previously deleted group".


    === Addendum Tuesday, July 26 ===
    Commit cdfd39e fixed this. Thanks Ermal.</grpname>

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