Android Tablets wont Connect

  • Hello, I think Ive nailed down why my Android devices wont connect, it seems that the phones I am connecting are getting assigned an IP address that is outside of the field Ive set, Easy enough to fix.. Went to past connections, found those devices Mac addresses and setup them up static with specific Ip addy's .. No more issue there.

    Where I am stuck, Is the android tablets I am attempting to the connecting are coming back with an error saying Disabled. After reading around it appears that PFsense is completely blocking them all together. If someone could tell me how to stop this temporarily so that I could connect them and then set them up as Static, or maybe provide a better solution I would appreciate it greatly!

    ** Shortly after I wrote this the android phones started connecting to that bogus ip again.. and then it went back to the static, but on neither can I get to the internet? If someone could shed some light I would appreciate it greatly

    Thanks A Lot !


  • Via normal wlan or vpn(pptp) or something else?

    I've android phone and tablet and both of those works well via wireless and i've used pptp vpn with phone without problem

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