PfSense 2.0RC3 on Virtualbox as real router.

  • Hi all,

    I'm thinking to install a pfsense 2.0RC3 on a virtualbox on a Debian Squeeze. The idea is to use one physical pc for pfsense router and debian server for other things. I have one physical cable-modem and one physical cisco-2950-switch (now with vlans).

    The actual schema is:
                                                                            PC2 (Debian Server)
    Cable-Modem ->  PC1 (pfsense) -> Switch-2950 -> /
                                                                          \ Other PCs

    I would like to join PC1, PC2.

    PC2 with 2 physical network cards, one for cable-modem connection, and the other for switch connection, think that would be sufficient.

    It would be work no ??

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