Vmware server - link states - general discussion

  • I've been hunting around to find information on how vmware server passes link state information down to the guest (pfsense 2.0), and I can't find anything.
     My issue is that if I unplug my wan cable, pfsense does not know it's down.  If I plug it back in, it does not know it's up.  The issue for me is that if my internet connection is rebooted, pfsense does not know that the link state changed, and it needs to request a new ip.
     Does anyone know if there is a way to configure vmware to send the link state information down to the host?

  • Ok, after having the issue above, I went back to virtualbox to see how it worked, and had the same issue.

    I seem to be missing something when it comes to virtual machines.  I am guessing now that the guests do not get the link state information if something changes (cable disconnected information is not sent to the guests).  I never thought about this before, as all my vm's are not exposed to the same changes as pfsense.  If the cable is disconnected, when it reconnects, the machines expect no changes (and nothing ever changes, as the lan side gateway/dns/dhcp server is static).
      On my pfsense, my lan side is no issue, as it's static.  On the wan side, I get disconnections on the modem monthly, and every 4 or 5 months the modem resets and a new ip is assigned (when they move networks around).

    So I have more of a general pfsense question.  I can see there would be no issues on static internet connections.  On someone like me with dynamic ip's (phone/cable providers), I can't see how pfsense under a vm be able to work around those changes.  Usually my provider does some network changes, and they reboot the cable modem so pfsense notices the disconnection, and then dhcp kicks in and gets the new ip.
      On a vm, that would never happen.  Pfsense would never know it was disconnected, and the vm would sit there until a many hours later when the dhcp lease expired and it went out for a new ip.

    How is everyone else doing it?  Or is everyone who is using a vm running a dedicated ip?

  • even without the link state information, pfsense still performs without too many issues