URL based split tunnel (e.g. for hulu or netflix)

  • Hello,

    I am new to the VPN stuff in pfSense and mostly to VPN as well. I just realized that there are a lot of VPN provider for hot spot security or to browse with a foreign IP-adress. Hidemyass.com is one of these providers and their openvpn connection works with ddWRT so it should work with pfSense as well.

    Usually the whole traffic is going through the the VPN. I want to use the VPN connection to use hulu and netflix from Europe but I do not want that the other internet traffic is going through the VPN because then the latancy is going up and speed is going down.

    So is there a possibility to set up split tunnel based on url e.g. netflix.com or is there any other solution i might not see at the moment. Manually updating the routing table for all netflix.com ip adresses is a worst case scenario.

    | pfSense WAN –-- Internet Europe
    Local Network ----pfSense LAN|
                                              | pfSense OpenVPNClient ---- Hidemyass.com OpenVPNServer ---- Internet USA
                                                                                                                          (only for Netflix.com / Hulu.com / ...)


  • It might be doable by using routes and different gw's for those, but routes need ip's and as far as i know those doesn't support url's

  • I just found out that there are 67974 entries for US ip pools. Around 1.1MB uncompressed text file.

    I can assign the OpenVPN connection to an interface and route every address that is inside the pool through that interface. This would be an easy way if pfsense can handle such an amount of entries.

  • You can easily use URL tables in 2.0 to do that with a list of the CIDR blocks of US IPs. Or if you want to limit that to just Netflix and Hulu, go to ARIN and find all their IP blocks and create an alias with those.

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