Multiple LAN

  • I have a device with 3 network interfaces.  One of them is set up as a WAN connection.  The other 2 (LAN and OPT1) are used on two different LAN subnets.  Internet access works fine for both LAN subnets, but I want both networks to be capable of using resources from both networks.

    WAN = Cable modem
    LAN interface =
    OPT1 interface =

    For instance, I want to be at the location on the subnet and be able to remote into the server with the IP address  Is this possible?  I have searched the forum but have been unable to find any answers that specifically match my issue.

  • If you add rules correctly then yes..

    pass to any is one example

  • So if I have the following set up on the LAN interface, it should allow me to see the OPT1 network?  It is currently set up this way and it is not working.

    Proto   Source          Port    Destination    Port         Gateway
    *     *    *            *

  • Rebel Alliance

    You must set the rules in OPT1 to allow traffic towards LAN

    The default behavior is "deny" ALL traffic from OPT to LAN, so you must create a rule allowing the desired traffic to pass. Otherwise the OPT1 hosts can not see the LAN hosts.

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