PF 2.0 add full RelayD support. $1500.00

  • Add support for the full RelayD functionality in the PF 2.0 GUI.

    Full support means:

    1. Relay mode support, not just the redirect support currently in PF 2.0
    2. L7 rules for proxy in Relay mode.
    3. Support for multiple pools with independent settings (timeout, sticky sessions enabled, balance mode, checks, etc, etc)
    4. Sync to backup units
    5. Persists through reboot
    6. Merged back into PF mainline so future builds contain this feature

    Currently some of the above can be done via hacking relayd.conf and it works, but it is not easily used in production as sync doesn't work, etc, etc.



  • Is there still interest in this one ?

    If so :-

    1. Do you have a clear idea of how the options should be presented in the gui ?
    2. Can you provide several example RelayD config files ?
    3. Is this requirement for V2.0 specifically or could the development be done with V2.1+IPv6 code ?

    TTFN Tony

  • Have you looked into the HAProxy package instead? I just did a bunch of bugfixes on it and am working on getting those made available to the public:,43188.0.html

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