Nesting aliases not working

  • I created the following aliases:

    1. ALIAS1
      a. Host:
    2. ALIAS2
      a. Host:
    3. ALIAS3
      a. Host:
      b. Host:
      a. Host: ALIAS1
      b. Host: ALIAS2
      c. Host: ALIAS3

    I then created a rule to grant all access to anything behind the firewall from alias GROUP_ADMINS. However, I cannot seem to get past the firewall. I look in the logs, and I see it rejecting my requests.

    I then went back in and reconfigured the GROUP_ADMINS alias like this:

    1)      GROUP_ADMINS
    d.      Host:

    I can now access anything beyond the firewall fine from the specified nodes.

    So, it seems even though we are allowed to plug in an alias within an alias, nested aliases do not  work. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is this a known issue? Or are we doing something wrong?

  • does it work if they're IPs rather than hostnames?

  • @cmb:

    does it work if they're IPs rather than hostnames?

    Im sure it would work with IP addresses but a lot of the host are dynamic and I need to be able to do it with host names any help would be very much appreciated.