Captive portal : remember user name and password

  • hello,

    is it possible to add a check box to the captive portal page (like yahoo or hotmail….) to have the possibility to save username and password on the pc to avoid taping username and password each time a user login ?

    thank you

    html, php novice !

  • that will have to write a cooky on youre pc
    and the captive portal will have to read that cooky the next time you are comming back

    manny peaple don't like cooky's

    if you have a newer brower you can set his one to remember you username and ww
    i have this for the forum i only press login
    and have it for the portal to
    i use firefox

  • thank you for the answer

    but i would like to enable this function for all users and some users doesn't have firefox or IE7…

    so it's easier to implement a code in the captive portal page... but i don't know how !


  • take it up with the develphers of monowall
    the pfsense team copy's there portal over to pfsense
    pfsense will not make chances to the portal so that they can copy the monowall version

  • That is mostly true for features.  We will look at bug reports but feature requests should go through m0n0wall.

    OFFTOPIC:  Major m0n0wall sync happened today.  I suggest checking out the snapshots in about an hour.

  • BTW, anybody who had issues with the speed of CP on low end hardware please retest. It should be faster now.

  • it is really faster …