How to use 2 Primary Radius servers for authentication???

  • Hi to all!!!

    I am using PfSense 1.2.3RC, now the question goes:

    In Captive Portal you are able to specify 2 Radius servers for user authentication (One for the primary server, and the other one for failover - aka redundancy). Is it possible to specify 2 PRIMARY Radius servers both for authentication?  ???

    +- Scenario -+

    When a user enters a username and password and clicks on "ok" the request is sent to the Primary Radius server for authentication, and if there is no response from the Primary Radius server it will use the Secondary Raidius server. Now . . . is it possible to specify that when authentication is done, that it uses both Radius servers to look for that specific username and password. The two Radius servers are for different purposes depending on the username and password!  ::)

    ANY ANY help will be appreciated

    Thanks in advance  ;D

  • I do not think that is presently available.
    Though never tested it as well.

  • Can I edit the coding to loop (Round Robin effect) or hop to the next server after a timeout session to try authentication on other radius server?

  • If you stay in limits of licensing ;)

    Note: I'm not developer so that was only guessing.