• Hi All-

    I'm new to pfsense but I am already loving it. I have my captive portal set up and working but now I'm getting a little fancier. In developing my login page, I have come across some attachments that need to go with it. These exceeded the 256kb limit in the file manager. Is there a way to bypass or change this setting? Details would be much appreciated since I'm still somewhat new.

    Thanks in advance!

  • scp connection

  • If you upgrade to 2.0 it has a 1.00MB limit instead of the 256KB that 1.2.3 has.  Also the files get backed up into the configuration xml last I knew so the developers were trying to keep the size of the backup file smaller so they limited it.

  • Thanks for the fast replies! I'll try the upgrade because 1mb is definitly better. What was that you mentioned though about a scp connection?

    Thanks again!!

  • secure connection protocol or something like that.
    with winscp you move files between windowd and *nix like systems, like bsd linux etc