Wireless Ap behind pfsense capping input

  • I have been using pfsense for about a month now and am really liking it. However, I decided to use my previous wireless router as a wireless solution, and it has become my biggest hurdle. I feel good I haven't had to ask a question about setting up pfsense so far, but after many searches I cannot find a fix for my wifi blues.

    My set up:

    LAN> , NIC to Main PC
    OPT1> , NIC to AP
    OPT2> , NIC to VOIP

    AP Settings:

    IP =
    NAT & DHCP = Disabled
    Cable connected to AP's LAN and not WAN

    Belkin Wireless G F5D7230-4


    Three NICs are DFE-530TX+: WAN,LAN,OPT1
    OPT2 is on the onboard realtek

    Here is the problem. I have two devices connected to the wireless router, and internet speed tests show I am getting at best a sustained input of about 500k independently on both devices.I am only getting a combined input of 700k approx for both devices.Yet, I get my data plan's maximum upload speed of approx 1Mbps but not its 10Mbps download. All devices work at ISP maximum in a normal Wireless router direct to modem connection; therefore, I know the bottleneck lies in a setting somewheres, just caint find it.

    Attachment trafficGraph.png shows PC~1 on OPT1 downloading at its cap, and the peak shows a speed test from PC~2 on OPT1. Notice that all input traffic across both PCs stops during the upload test. I must say I ran a speed test when first setting up the AP from PC~2 while it was the sole & initial device on the AP. The test showed a hiccupy but final result of 6Mbps until I connected PC~1.

    Attachment LANtraffic.png shows a speed test on LAN reaching a good speed with current setup.

    One other question, is it possible to setup OPT1 to act as a gateway for the wireless router therby allowing the wireless router to handle its own traffic across the net. If so, would that deny the benefits of pfsense to my wireless devices.

    Thank you in advance :D

  • You want things as you have it, simply using the AP as a bridge. You do not want to route or NAT there, that's just overcomplicating things, or ugly in the case of double NAT and that breaks connectivity to other hosts. Check Status>Interfaces for errors, and any similar info available on the AP.

  • That is good to to know cmb. Here is the interface stats for OPT1, the AP's interface. There seems to be a looseness of tho words in and out. I think in this case in is internet bound traffic.

    I thought I may have been getting packet collisions, but it appears I am definitely not. By the way, with my wireless router in AP mode, I have no logging ability on that device. Let me know if there is other interface info needed.

    OPT1 interface (vr2)
    Status up
    MAC address
    IP address 
    Subnet mask
    Media 100baseTX <full-duplex>In/out packets 2655807/2653524 (219.16 MB/6.02 GB)
    In/out packets (pass) 2653500/5103681 (219.06 MB/6.02 GB)
    In/out packets (block) 2307/24 (101 KB/1 KB)
    In/out errors 0/0
    Collisions 0</full-duplex>