• Hello

    I have one Question?
    Is it possible to use arp poison on the Pfsense?
    I have to do a homework about arp poison but when I try to use arp Poision in my Home Network this is not working.

    Is it true that you can´t use arp poison when there is a PFsense behind the router??

    best regards Christoph

  • I think it depends on what you want to achieve with the ARP Poisoning/Spoofing. When i had 100/100 Mbit in a citynet the network got attacked with ARP Spoofing, and it broke the connection with the ISP sporadically. You could clearly see this the Pfsense logs, but i don't think Pfsense has any other problem with this type of attack other than the connection to the ISP gets broken. I'm not too good with the technical but if you have questions, please ask.