$100 for Crystal Fontz 635 Driver working on ugen3.2 port add to lcdproc

  • I have been trying to get the Crystal Fontz 635 LCD to work and I'm affraid that I have reached the end of my FreeBSD knowldege which is very little. I have built a custom box and this is the only piece that I can not get to work. I am able to turn the device on and off from the command line but that is about it. I have found some interesting threads on devices similar to mine but have not found one specific to my device. Here is what I have and what I have done. The device's usb port was not showing up on the Lcdproc menu so I edit the lcdproc.xml and lcdproc.inc and lCDd.conf files per the guide located here http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,23919.0.html the usb port is showing up now but the device is still not working, not sure what else to do. I belive it may be a driver issue. I'm willing to pay money to anyone who spends the time to make this work seamlessly or if you would like for me to buy you this screen and get it working I can do that too. I know that I can probably buy another screen but I would like to try to get this one to work. I don't want to waist more money and time. I would also like the ability to add custom text to the LCDproc package. If the driver for this device is not available I would like to have it made available to the package and have the package detect more usb ports. This would be my contribution to this wonderful project. I want the code to be added to the project.

  • Nevermind I will figure this one out my self, or just buy one that does work.

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