Setup Vlan and Captive Portal

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    How can I configure Captive Portal (CP) on two Vlan and two WANs? I have pfsense 1.2.3 Release, AP Tplink TL-WA701ND (with support Vlans). I have 2 Nics to WAN and 1 NIC to Lan.

    I need CP to authenticate all users and configure Traffic Shapper (TS). How can I do it?

    Network should be:

    ADSL1–- WAN1                                                    |-- VLAN1              SSID1
                          ------Pfsense (CP and TS)---LAN ----|              -- AP---          (Only Wifi Clients)
    ADSL2--- WAN2                                                    |-- VLAN2              SSID2

    I hope you can help me

  • Only in 2.0 you can do that.

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