• does anyone know a solution for blocking an mac adress from network?
    Maybe it is possible to edit an alias or something like this.I need this for blocking intruders because they know how to spoof mac adress and change ip adress.I know that the best solution is to buy managed switches  ;).

  • There is no way to block Macadresses with pfSense but you can try using the following option from services>dhcp server:

    Static ARP 
      Enable Static ARP entries
      Note: Only the machines listed below will be able to communicate with the firewall on this NIC.

    However, then you have to add all known allowed MACs in the table below at this page.

  • thx for reply hoba!

    I must tell u that i`ve tryed before this option but there is something strange with that because when i have this option enabled there are users in table that cannot comunicate with PF.

  • I have used this option too, but I have to have one of IP address and it cannot be blocket by static ARP… so there is no solution to block listed below mac address?