Using pfsense for WAP2 authentication?

  • Not sure how to describe this. I would like to keep my 2 ap's "Open" and use pfsense to authenticate(?) the WAP2-PSK? Basically I would like to just have the AP's send receive the wireless signal, but have pfsense do all the authentication. I hope this makes sense.  I guess basically instead of having a physical wifi card in the system, a mere virtual adapter; using my wired AP's?

  • What you are looking for is the Captive Portal. It's essentially a login page that users will see in their browser. They will need to put in credentials before it lets them onto the net.

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    You could set the APs to WPA2-enterprise, setup a radius server (perhaps using the FreeRADIUS package on pfSense) and handle the users that way. That would be the only way to have pfSense or something else handle the actual WPA2 auth. If you just want to force a login after they're already on, then the captive portal would work as bman212121 said.

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