Toal nub openvpn server on pfsense access remotely

  • I am 1337 noob at openvpn, I have been using hamachi forever, but it keeps making me go relayed tunnel every now and then and that is anoyying. Also people have big e-penis for using openvpn.

    Anyway, so I made a certificate setup openvpn server with the wizard, but I selected local user access… so like does that mean I can't connect remotely?

    Anyway I made aport forward rule for the 1194, so I can connect externally. I think it works and I can connect but I don't know how to make users and passwords.

    Is it because I selected local user access and not like RADIUS or LDAP(I want to avoid these as that is like even moar work)?

    Also even if I type anything on the authentication required screen, it just goes to connecting for a while then times out.

    I am on pfsense 2.0 RC3 amd64.

  • Hi,

    1.) You need to create at least one certificate for your OpenVPN server and you need one cert for your openvpn client.

    2.) Local user access means, that your users and their passwords will beon the pfsense machine under SYSTEM -> User Manager. This is correct as long as you do not have a radius server or LDAP.

    The port forwarding is unneccessary if your OpenVPN server is listening on your WAN address and should be reached from LAN and WAN.
    If your OpenVPN Server listening on the LAN interface and you want to connect from LAN, no problem but if you like to connect from WAN, then you need a port forward.
    Nevertheless in all cases you need a firewall rule.

    But, what do you intend to do with your OpenVPN server ?

  • Epic quick response. Already made the certificate, will follow those steps.
    Also I plan to use it for like transferring small files here and there through mapped networked drives.

  • with what protocols/devices? it tells the needed firewall rules, if you don't want to apply protocol any

  • Hmm even followed directions and it says the connection timed out still.(Still asks me for username/pass)
    Also metu could you explain a bit more? I just want to use it for Samba mapped network drives and stuff.

  • Anymore help?

  • Yes you mentioned that you like to move files, but you didn't mention with what protocol you're connecting to files/devices where files exist.

    If you have all your files in sambashare and in lan, you should try to create alias, which has all sambas ports and create rule to lan port with it
    If that doesn't work, assign your openvpn as interface and create similar rule, but remember, what isn't found at rules gets denied(easilly avoided with allow any)

  • I'm a bit confused though. I'm not trying to do anything yet. Just trying to connect to pfsense via openvpn via openvpn gui for windows, so the protocals shouldn't matter yet right?

  • If you have no vpn connection yet, then i think that fileshares has to wait. Sorry, but i thought that you had done that already.

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