Alix 2d3

  • Hi.
    I am new to the forum, but i am using pfsense for sometime now for basic setups.
    I would like to implement a new pfsense installation in an ALIX 2d3 i would like the box to allow for the network to have dhcp for a specific range with lease time 5 hours andrestrict this particular network for browsing only.
    is there a way to do that?

  • Yes.
    Just look at the DHCP server config page and configure the server according to your needs.

  • OK. i do have the dhcp, but the browsing only restriction?

    1. Create port alias, with 80 and 443
    2. Goto that interface, which has this dhcp scope to handle
      2.1) Create allowing rule: tcp this_interface this_subnet any any web_port_alias
      2.2) Create deny rule below it: * * * * * * *

    that should work

  • binary_dreamer,

    There are two Pfsense books out there that are very helpful. I suggest reading them. You will understand better how to set up the router. It can be a bit hard in the beginning for a newb. Take some time and play with it.

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