New Setup - 2 Lan - 1 WAN pppoe

  • I have been watching the post,39892.0.html

    After seeing the results I am worried about my setup.
    I created the box with a single WAN - pppoe to zoneedit and it is working great
    I also had 1 LAN connection with a 10.0.0. network

    The machines on the 10 network flow thru the firewall just fine.
    I added what I beleive to be the right WAN rules for my web server at, I can access it from the internet just fine.

    I went and added a 2nd LAN card for a 192.168.1 network
    I am working to build new servers (FreeBSD) on this network and move the data from the old 240 address to the new address

    I do not know if I managed to open any holes in the system.
    at the same time I see connnections between the WAN and LAN connection in States
    I do not see any connection information in States for LAN1
    Yet LAN1 is accessing the internet with no issues.

    Are there any specific files I need to upload to a location for someone to advise if I have done this right or wrong and if it is wrong, how to correct it?

    This is a 2.0 RC3 box….

  • Rules looks ok, do you have port forwards?

  • Nothing for 1:1 or outbound
    Here is the Port Forward

    Like I said, there is nothing in the logs States or otherwise about the LAN1 (192 network) connections.

    ![Port Forwaord.gif](/public/imported_attachments/1/Port Forwaord.gif)
    ![Port Forwaord.gif_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Port Forwaord.gif_thumb)

  • Maybe unnecessary question, what snapshot you have?

  • built on Thu Aug 18 18:44:11 EDT 2011

  • Now that i've read your first post atleast 5 times i still don't know your problem.
    You have those "holes" what you see in portforwards and wan rules.

    But do you have anything which concerns you?

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