SSH Tunnel from outside network?

  • I have successfully set up an SSH tunnel to my Pfsense router. I went to an Internet cafe and I was able to connect back to my router and log in successfully!
    However, from firefox I was only able to access the Pfsense router. I could not get to any other websites while using the manual SOCKS configuration. How do I set up an SSH tunnel that will allow me to connect to the Internet while tunneling to my router from outside my network??? Can I just use my Pfsense router or do I need to set up a SSH server inside my network??

    I do not care to log into my router outside my network remotely that was just a fun experiment.

  • Using putty

    1. setup session: SSH:Tunnels: Source port and dynamic, make sure to click add
    2. Session: your way to connect pfsense boxes public ip(DNS or public ip)
    3. Browser: Network: proxy: localhost and same source port as in putty session
    4. enjoy

    No need to set another ssh box

  • I do not have putty on my system. I am using a Linux terminal. I ran this command.

    ssh -v -p 22 -N -L 2222: joebobfrank@

    Then in firefox I go to Preferences > Advanced > Network > Settings > Manual Proxy Configuration and I set,

    SOCKS Host: localhost

    Port: 2222

    This only gets me to the router login page. Am I doing something wrong?

  • it should be -D not -L to run on socks

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