Captiva Authentication Error RC3 (fixed)

  • I have the captiva portal set to authenticate against a freeradius server (on another host on the internet).

    When a user logs in I see the following information in the portal log:
    logportalauth[904]: USER LOGIN:, 00:ff:46:c0:7e:6a,

    I also see the following under the Captive Status menu: 00:ff:46:c0:7e:6a 08/23/2011 00:53:01

    The trouble is, when the user logs in to the captive portal it does not allow the user past the portal after authentication. It simply sits there and asks the user to login again even though PFSENSE seems to think the user has a valid session..

    Here is a screen capture video:

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Update: If I add the user's IP address in the Allowed IP Address pass-thru (manually) everything works. However, if I add the user's MAC address in the pass-thru MAC section then it does not work….

    It appers my clients were getting addresses from a non-pfsense dhcp server. Forcing the clients to use the PFSENSE dhcp server fixed the madness.  >:(

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