VPN and Remote Desktop

  • I know this is probably very simple, but I'm new to the world of setting up VPNs, so please be patient.

    What is the most secure, but simplest way for me to only allow remote desktop into my personal computer when I'm connected to a VPN within pfSense??

    Thanks for your time and patience!

  • first you need to check pc's firewall settings

    what vpn you're going to use?

  • I have my firewall settings set up to allow access to Remote Desktop. Currently I can remote desktop from anywhere into my computer. But I would like this to be more secure by using VPN and I would like to use pfSense's OpenVPN.

  • Check openvpn faqs to create openvpn server, you may not need certificate authentication or anything that fancy.
    Create openvpn interface and allow trafic to lan or describe local network in openvpn server settings or push route

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