[Closed/Gone] **FEELER** Juniper Networks DOCSIS 3.0 SRX-MP-1DOCSIS3

  • EDIT: The cards are gone and can no longer be obtained. Please do not PM for information about the cards.
    Not trying to waste anyone's time here but I have no idea about interest and/or scope of a project like this.

    I was able to procure 5 of these items that are all used and in good working order. I have access to a lot more - actually I have access to a fleet of devices coming offline that will have these cards installed and I can get them for a song.

    Is there any interest in this? Time Warner Cable (TWC) allows this device on its business class networks currently and on the retail end they made an "exception" for me when I called the 800# and told them I bought my own DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem.

    What would be the project scope and/or cost to have a driver built for this? These cards are about to drop from the $500/each price point to the $100 each price point. I'm sure that many people would be interested in a truly all-in-one solution??

    Manufacturer Part# : SRX-MP-1DOCSIS3
    Dell Part# : A3800768



    I am happy to provide up to 4 of these cards to developers who are interested in working on this project. I can probably source more - but if the project scope is going to be crazy it may not be worth it.

    I'm happy to keep this public but if you guys want to close this and continue via PM/email then by all means please do so.


    I will have access to roughly 750-900 of these cards over the next 9 months.

  • Id use this.  If it gets going Ill help with the bounty.


  • Netgate Administrator

    What form factor is this modem? It looks like it's some Juniper proprietary format, that might limit the potential number of users somewhat.

    If you have one to hand, what is the interface chip used on it?


  • This isn't a PCI card - it's a mini-PIM for Juniper SRX chassis.  I don't expect you'll find much use for it outside of an SRX.


  • Right-

    My only assumption right now is that one can install pfSense on a Juniper Router…  I supposedly have a couple coming my way.  ;)

    Looks like no real interest yet though as you guys have said...

  • @billm:

    This isn't a PCI card - it's a mini-PIM for Juniper SRX chassis.  I don't expect you'll find much use for it outside of an SRX.


    Yes exactly. I was hoping to be able to find an adapter and mount this into either a double PCI slot or into a floppy drive caddy somehow.

    These are being taken out of Juniper SRX chassis - should I grab one and see if pfsense will load onto it?

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