URL timed firewall block

  • I am trying to block facebook.com ONLY from the hours of 10pm until 8am everyday. I have created the schedule, facebook ip alias, however it seems as if facebook has many ip's and the lists provided online do not capture all of them.

    I am hoping the is a way to use squid's blacklist, but have it also be timed., or other solution would be appreciated.

  • Use search, there is already discussion on this topic

  • http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,39849.0.html

    I am not sure if this is the correct way to block facebook but you could have a look at this thread. Perhaps it will help you to find out the facebook IPs.

    If you like to block facebook with squid than you have to use squid in NON transparent mode so squid can catch https sessions (facebook is using https)

  • i already searched the forum and added the ip's, however the list is not complete as i still get connected to facebook.com. Secondly, i do not want facebook blocked all the time which is what happens if I add it to the blacklist in squid as mentioned in step four of the topic. I do not see a time field on squids filtering capability.

  • use squid and squidguard for filtering/blocking facebook connections. as far as I know squidguard is able to block only on certain times.

    another possibility could be that you use cron and write a script which redirects facebook.com to google.com in the times you want to block facebook. but I think this is really tricky.

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