Setting up a Microsoft Client VPN connection through OpenVPN?

  • Just making a query, i've been given information to set up a VPN client connection but the instructions detail how to do this through the network setup for VPN's in XP. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to set up this same connection in OpenVPN, and if so, what is the additional information I would need to do so. I'm not experienced at all in VPNs, so i'm not sure whats the differences between IPsec, OpenVPN, PPPoE and PPTP.

    The information I have is:
    1. Host name or IP address
    2. Require Encryption
    3. Allow protocols: MS-CHAP, MS-CHAP v2
    4. Pre-Shared Key

    I don't know what any of the following should be:
    1. Server port
    2. Interface IP
    3. Remote network
    4. Proxy Host
    5. Proxy port
    6. Cryptography
    7. Authentication method
    8. CA certificate
    9. Client certificate
    10. Client key
    11. LZO compression

    Which of the following settings above are not needed if I wasn't given them, and when setting up a VPN connection through windows what would be the defaults for these settings.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Have a look at

    Additional to this, tools like can make the configuration on the windows end a much easier.

  • I just want to understand your questions?

    Are you saying you want to use the Microsoft VPN client to connect to the pfSense openVPN server?

    If thats your question then "NO"

    You can do that is you use PPTP server on pfSense box

  • he has info on how to setup a vpn with the windows xp client
    now he wants to replace windows xp with pfsense if i read him corect

    pfsense can't make a conection to a ptpp vpn server it can be one it self but can't connect to a other one