Problem: Captive Portal only appear if the user's home page is http, not https

  • Hello World!

    I have a hotspot wuth captive portal pfsense 2.0RC3 that is been running for more a year. But recently I saw that if the client home page is https: (like webmail pages), the captive portal do not is shown. I explain:

    1. The client connects in my customer wi-fi lan
    2. The system (Windows 7) shows the message that will be required more credentials in the network. "Click here to open the browser."
    3. The user click on message

    –> here the problem occurs <--

    If the home page on user's browser is a https: page, like Hotmail, Gmail or other, the browser come into looping waiting for the portal respond.
    If you stop the user's home page load and type another web page with http:, the captive portal is shown instantly.

    I did make a lot of simulations with other systems, like Windows XP, and other browsers, like Chrome, Firefox e IE.

    Can anyone help-me to solve this?

    :) (sorry by my poor English, I'm brazilian)

  • I have the same problem. any solution?

  • AFAIK there isn't really a good "clean" answer to this problem. If you redirected https, it would cause an alert by the user's browser.

    One exception would be if you control the client PCs' config (e.g. the PCs in an office), you could add a wildcard SSL cert to the clients, and effectively do a successful man-in-the-middle-attack.

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