Brute Force pfSense auxiliary for Metasploit

  • Hi, I created a auxiliary to make brute force attacks in pfSense, now, there are a fix,… in my blog has more content about and here is the link

    My blog is wrote in Brazilian Portuguese, but it all is well simple and to download the auxiliary, go to the Bitbucket project page in.
    All version before update of day first of september 2011 can be suffer brute force attacks trough of the xmlrpc

    Neriberto Caetano do Prado

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    And just so people know, this was only an issue if you leave your GUI port open for anyone to access, which is against best security practices anyhow, and has never been recommended.

  • unfortunately, in practice, many people leave open, a small sample is to access the site  SHODAN and to search for SonicWALL will appear many ips with exposed to the web

    Back to pfSense, it´s good to remember of the wireless, some people just plug your routers in your networks,…


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