How to access pfsense box remotely when behind a router?

  • hi,

    i just switched form satelite modem to adsl line, i have my pfbox installed after a usrobotics 4 port adsl router and i am looking for the follwoings:

    1- i need to access my pfbox from the internet, how can i do that, my router is in routing mode.

    2- if this is possible and i succeed to do it, i am looking also to solve the dynamic public ip i have, so is there a sort of program that sends the router ip to an e-mail whenever it changes.

    thank you


  • wan
    Additional to this you need to make sure that your router forwards traffic to your pfSense. Easiest option is to set the pfSense WAN IP as DMZ host in the router. Then you can configure it once and forget about it for future portforwards.

    There is no feature to send mails on IP changes in pfSense.

  • There is a FreeBSD port of dhclient (
    That being said I haven't used it in years and don't even know if it would install correctly on pfSense.
    (edit: I meant ddclient)

  • pfSense can do dyndns updates (services>dyndns). It just can't send mails about the changes.

  • hi

    thank you guys, ill work this out tomorrow and see how i can apply it.


  • hi hoba

    i did try, but i think i did it wrong, i put the lan ip of pfbox on the dmz host, then i try to access with the public ip given to the router by the isp, but i couldnt,  i only managed to access the us robotic status page can u please give me some more details and step by step how to?

    many thanks


  • If I get you right the WAN IP of your pfSense is not the real public IP. In that situation the dyndns updater won't work for you as pfSense updates it's current WAN IP to the service.

  • hi

    yes my wan ip of pfsense is not public ip, it is getting its ip from the dsl router


  • Then check if this router supports dyndns or use one of the clients available from the dyndns service providers that check their seen IP frequently against an external server.

  • hi

    guess what hoba, it worked. this morning i try to access the router public ip and here i am i found my slef inside my pfsense box  :D

    is there a way to access the modem now since it disconnect some times and need to reboot it, i dont know why this is hapening. according to my isp could be server hanging at isp or line disconnect from telephone co.

    all i have to do now is find a way to make pfsense mail me the router's public ip every time it changes, so i can access my pfsense box at any time.

    thank you very much


  • whats the mail for ???
    dyndns is taking care of that is my dyndns and if my ip chances i will not note that
    the url is still the same as before the ip chance